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The facial treatment

At Glowing Skin, we are dedicated exclusively to the art of facial care , using advanced techniques and high-quality products to reveal your natural beauty.

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L'art du massage du visage par Glowing Skin


the Art of Massage

at Glowing Skin

At Glowing Skin, each facial massage is a signature of our know-how, designed to harmonize and revitalize your skin. We offer specialized massages, such as anti-aging to combat the signs of aging, relaxation to soothe and de-stress, or lymphatic drainage for effective detoxification and reduction of swelling. Our techniques are meticulously tailored to your skin type, the specific goals of your facial treatment and the unique shape of your face. Each gesture is designed for a visible and lasting result.

We “pimp” each treatment with sophisticated and trendy tools to achieve the desired result. Gua Sha for an anti-aging lifting massage, Quartz roller to optimize lymphatic drainage, Mushroom to precisely target the eye contour, and Ice spoon to revitalize and energize the complexion. Thanks to this tailor-made approach, each treatment becomes totally unique, perfectly adapted to your specific needs and expectations.


We know that our clients are looking for tangible results. This is why we explain each step of the treatment: we inform you about the choice of products, their benefits for your skin, and how they help to improve your complexion.

Glowing Skin - Home care recommendation

Care report

After your treatment, we prepare a treatment report for you which includes the products you received, as well as a routine recommendation for the home (Home Care).

At Glowing Skin, the facial is much more than just a treatment; it represents a continued commitment to the health and beauty of your skin. We support you at every stage of your life to ensure vibrant and resilient skin.

Our personalized treatments, combined with expert coaching and tailored recommendations for home care, are specially designed to preserve and improve your skin health. Together, we work to keep your skin radiant every day.

Testimonials (Google)


Absolutely fabulous! Thank you Nolwenn for the wonderful facial and product recommendations. Beautiful location, amazing treatments and natural products. I can not wait to return to !


I had the best experience with Nolween! She is an excellent beautician with magical hands. She used all the right products...including a draining massage which then left my face and neck glowing. She knows what she's doing. Don't hesitate to go there. Excellent product lines and expertise. You'll thank me later!


Best facial I've ever had! Upon entering I was warmly greeted by Sergio, the owner, who made sure I had everything I needed to start my facial. Nolwenn, the facial therapist, was amazing: gentle, informative and full of great skincare advice. She used my favorite products (Eminence) for my 60 minute hydrating facial. I will definitely come back to this salon!

Glowing Skin - soin du visage - Genève

How to book?

At Glowing Skin, you won't find a standard treatment menu. Each treatment is completely personalized: you define the duration and we adjust each treatment according to your specific needs.

30 minutes

For a quick boost of radiance.

60 Minutes

A complete treatment including cleansing, exfoliation, toning and personalized advice.

90 Minutes

An in-depth experience with intensive care and extended facial massage, tailored to your specific needs.

Don't wait any longer!

Our goal is to offer you the best facial treatment in Geneva. With our extensive range of products, ranging from clean beauty to professional dermo-care, we always have a solution adapted to your needs. The expertise of our Skin Therapists, combined with our selection of cutting-edge brands, guarantees high quality treatment at the best price.