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Treatment protocols

Treatment protocols

Thanks to our multi-brand concept, we are fortunate to provide you with a multitude of treatment protocols. Our Skin Therapists have followed the training for each protocol that we have included in our concept.

What is the care protocol?

Each treatment consists of several steps, what we call the treatment protocol. These steps are usually structured as follows:

  1. Make-up removal and skin cleansing
    Make-up removal, the first step in facial care, eliminates make-up, skin waste and foreign bodies, in order to prepare the skin for subsequent steps. In the presence of normal, combination or seborrheic skin, cleansing is essential as a complementary technique to make-up removal, allowing the effects to be deepened.

  2. The scrub
    Natural exfoliation can be enhanced. The use of exfoliating cosmetic products facilitates the removal of dead cells from the most superficial layer of the skin, without damaging the underlying tissues. We use exfoliation products with mechanical action and also those with chemical action.

  3. Extraction of comedones
    The extraction of comedones aims to evacuate the seborrheic mass thus freeing the ostium. The flow of sebum is then facilitated. The benefit will result in an aesthetic improvement, prevention of infections and easier penetration of the active ingredients. (not included in the 30 minute treatment)

  4. Applying a serum
    At the end of the cleansing phase, the skin is fully receptive to the various active ingredients chosen to meet its needs. This is the perfect time to apply a serum, a true concentrate of one or more cosmetic active ingredients. Thanks to its particular texture, the serum penetrates quickly and deeply to target a specific skin problem.

  5. Facial modeling
    Facial modeling is a series of manual techniques performed on the face, neck and/or décolleté with the aim of improving skin appearance and relaxation.

  6. The mask
    Masks are cosmetic preparations of various galenic forms, applied to the skin in a more or less thick layer, and removed after an exposure time depending on their nature. These are treatment and targeted products, the performance of which stems from their composition, but also from their application technique.

  7. The care cream
    Cosmetic product intended to be applied to the face and neck at the end of the treatment and in the morning and evening at home, in order to maintain the hydration of the epidermis, to combat imbalances, to protect to prevent and combat aging skin.

  8. Sun cream
    It is important to protect yourself from the sun's rays.

Why have several?

A treatment protocol is defined on the basis of the active ingredients (products) that are used during the treatment, and the objective that you want to achieve. An acne protocol may differ depending on whether you want to soothe, disinfect or regenerate the skin, and this will be defined in relation to the condition of your acne and your skin.

Why do a treatment with a Skin Therapist?

For each treatment, we have the PRO gesture that makes the difference. It can consist of a deeper cleaning thanks to ultrasonic brushes for example. Acid exfoliation may be necessary. In the cabin, we have the possibility of going much further than the peels that you find in our shop, while remaining within the limits that the law imposes on us. We also have specific and more powerful masks.

Cabin care and home care are complementary to have beautiful skin.

In conclusion

We are lucky to be able to offer you several solutions for the same problem, whether in terms of cosmetic products or treatment protocols. It is for this reason that the choice of treatment is made during the discussion with the Skin Therapist, and we have decided to remove a menu that could be disturbing.

At Glowing Skin you will find the best solutions for you to have beautiful skin.