Human by Esteem & Sens

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    Human d'Estime et Sens meets the needs of men's skin.

    Estime et Sens is natural and organic French beauty

    Estime et Sens is a French brand of natural and organic cosmetics, founded in 2007. The brand was born from the conviction that beauty can be obtained in a natural way, without compromising on effectiveness or the pleasure of use. Estime et Sens products are formulated from natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their benefits for the skin and their respect for the environment.

    The Estime et Sens range of products is designed to meet the needs of all skin types and all ages. Face, body and hair treatments are developed to provide a pleasant sensory experience, while providing visible and lasting results. Estime et Sens products do not contain parabens, silicones, sulphates or other controversial ingredients, for safe use and without risk to health.

    Esteem et Sens is also committed to minimizing its environmental impact by using ingredients from organic farming and wild harvesting, by promoting eco-designed packaging and by limiting waste. The brand has also obtained Ecocert certification, which guarantees the naturalness and organic quality of its products.

    By choosing Estime et Sens products, you opt for natural beauty, respectful of your skin and the environment. You will discover gentle and effective formulas, pleasant textures and delicate fragrances, for a unique sensory experience and daily well-being.

    6 products