Our vision of facial care

When it comes to facial care, there are a multitude of different solutions: manual or equipment-assisted care, invasive or non-invasive care. It is important to understand where and to whom to go.

Our vision of the most effective facial treatment is made up of talented estheticians (Skin Therapists) and effective products. Skin Therapists have the ability, with their hands, to go much further than certain devices or equipment which, in the end, try to reproduce the touch of the beautician.

It is also important to understand that there are invasive and non-invasive treatments. We say that a treatment is invasive when it penetrates the skin.

Glowing Skin aims to offer the best facial treatment in Geneva. Thanks to a selection of very specialized brands, known for their expertise combining naturalness and efficiency, we have the possibility of finding the solution that suits you. Accompanied by the high expertise of our beauticians (Skin Therapists), we guarantee you a very high quality treatment at an unbeatable price.

We consider ourselves to be complementary to dermatologists who make it possible to carry out fillers thanks to the injection of botox or hyaluronic acid, as well as other practices that we are not able to offer. However, we have the capacity to maintain your health capital, to bring the glow, this light which makes your skin radiant.

We believe that having beautiful skin does not mean having perfect skin, but rather having radiant and healthy skin. Thanks to it, you feel confident and able to reach and exceed any goal, to be comfortable in any situation.

With glowing skin, the world is yours!
(A Glowing Skin, and the world is yours!)