Skin cleansing

Glowing Skin à Genève - Nettoyage de la peau

Visible results

At Glowing Skin, we place particular importance on deep cleansing, as it provides a visible improvement in the texture of the skin, making it smoother and softer to the touch . This also promotes better absorption of active ingredients, such as serums or creams.

Glowing Skin - Nettoyage de la peau en profondeur à Genève

After the double cleansing and the scrub/peeling, the skin therapist carries out a manual extraction, assisted if necessary by instruments using ultrasonic technology.

Our tailor-made approach allows us to offer you a high-end service , superior to more automated solutions. This method allows skin therapists to delicately manipulate the skin and remove blackheads with precision that respects the sensitivity of each skin type. Ideal for those concerned about visible blackheads or clogged pores, manual extraction ensures that every impurity is carefully removed without the need for machines that could irritate or damage even the most sensitive skin.

Each gesture is carried out with meticulous attention, ensuring that the skin remains healthy and intact. Thanks to this careful method, results are visible immediately after treatment, leaving the skin not only purified but also soothed and revitalized.

In short, the expected result of effective skin cleansing is healthier, more beautiful skin that is better prepared to receive further care, thereby contributing to an improved overall appearance and feeling of well-being. The immediacy of results is visually rewarding for the client, who can see a noticeable improvement immediately after the session.

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