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    HYDRAMEMORY from [comfort zone]: Adaptive Hydration at the Heart of Science and Nature

    “Nature teaches us how to regenerate our skin; it is to nature that we owe the power of our formulas.” - Eve Merinville, R&D Manager at [comfort zone]

    Origin of Innovation

    Comfort Zone Hydramemory at Glowing Skin - Serum

    How do desert plants survive in arid environments while maintaining the hydration necessary for their survival? This question inspired [comfort zone] laboratories to create HYDRAMEMORY, an emblematic line inspired by pharmacognosy. This approach respects the highest levels of efficiency, durability, and sensoriality.

    Key Technology

    SKIN-ADAPTIVE technology guarantees immediate hydration of +70% and strengthens the skin's ability to retain water up to ten times, ensuring comfort and vitality in all climates.

    Key Ingredient

    The prickly pear, chosen for its incredible ability to efficiently use available water, is grown in Puglia according to the principles of regenerative agriculture, aligned with our B CorpTM certification.

    Clinical Performance

    Clinically proven results show a significant increase in skin hydration and an improvement in the integrity of the skin barrier thanks to a synergy between prickly pear extract and natural bioactive molecules such as macro hyaluronic acid.

    Sensory Experience

    Biomimetic textures, such as the “sorbet” texture of our Rich Sorbet Cream, offer an immediate feeling of comfort, reinforcing the protection of the skin barrier.

    Sustainability and Packaging Innovation

    Professional Care

    We have also revisited our professional care offering with treatments like HYDRA GLOW, inspired by cryotherapy for visible and lasting hydration and vitality.

    Commitment to Sustainability

    Produced in Parma, Italy, in a carbon neutral site, with carbon offset packaging and certified plastic neutral by Plastic Bank®.

    HYDRAMEMORY represents [comfort zone]'s commitment to conscious science and sustainability, in harmony with our planet and the health of your skin. Explore the new dimension of hydration where science meets nature for sustainable and ethical beauty.

    8 products