A facial treatment at Glowing Skin

Nov 26, 2022

What is the personalized facial treatment?

It is a care adapted to your skin. To illustrate my point, I will take the example of an artist, Angelica Dass. She is a photographer and to illustrate that all skins are different, she created a face mosaic. It's 4000 portraits to show human diversity.

At Glowing Skin, our goal is to find the best solution for your skin.

© Humanae / Angélica Dass.

How does it work?

Our operation is a little different, there is no care menu. You start by booking your appointment and the duration of the treatment, i.e. 30-60-90 minutes. We recommend that you arrive approximately 10 minutes before your meeting time.

On the day of your treatment, we welcome you to the boutique. The Skin Therapist receives you and begins with a health questionnaire. Too often, we forget that a facial can involve risks, for example for pregnant women.

Then she will discuss your goals, see if you have a particular problem you want to solve. 

The Skin Therapist will also see with you your daily routine. Based on this discussion, she will recommend a series of products and an appropriate facial treatment.

But it does not differ from another institute?

There is a difference, that of being able to choose the solution from a selection of brands. For the same objective, you will have several possibilities. There is a difference in effectiveness, but also in scent and texture. 

Why do you use the term Skin Therapist?

For me, this is the most appropriate term. In French, Skin Therapist means skin therapist (it's not very beautiful in French…), but it makes perfect sense. Our team focuses on facial care and skin health. We choose qualified people, because the training gives the basics on the care, but also on the components of the products. In addition, we are committed to continuously training our teams. For the opening, our team followed more than 12 days of training with the different brands.

When should you take care of your skin?

From adolescence, you have to start by adopting good habits, it's like brushing your teeth. Then the skin is a balance. By definition, a balance is temporary and to maintain it, you have to listen to it. My generation was not used to taking care of their skin, it's never too late to start.

Do we have to come when we have a problem?

Naturally, if you have a problem that arises, we'll be the first step in finding the solution. I use the term “first step” because we provide non-invasive and natural/clean solutions. Often, when you end up with a problem, you go to the doctor, or a dermatologist, I had the experience with my teenage girls, but there is the possibility of solving a lot of problems before having to use science and medicine/pharmacy.

Ideally, we should come for care when we have no problem, to maintain and maintain our capital. It is for this reason that we have set up a subscription concept, in order to encourage everyone to adopt good habits. 

Why is a Skin Therapist facial better than an at-home routine?

First, the choice of products. All of the selected brands are rich in active ingredients. We call them pro products. If you use them at home, great.

Then, thanks to their training, a Skin Therapist can go further in the cabin, even with professional products. We have several degrees of serum or exfoliation for example.

Finally, his experience. She will be able to bring you her perspective on the situation of your skin, and over time, she will know it perfectly.

How do you follow up with your clients?

First of all, we have a health protocol, which we update with each visit. At the end of the treatment, you will receive by email details of the products used during the treatment, as well as a routine recommendation for the future.

For customers taking a subscription, we offer a 30-minute session to do a Facial Mapping (yes, it's still English…) This means that we will look at your skin in detail and note on a document the set of data, which we share with you.

Do you use devices to do this analysis?

No, for two reasons. The first, I believe in the experience and knowledge of the team. The second is technical, because I have not yet seen a device guaranteeing the reliability of the analysis.

And the final word?

First of all, I would like to help everyone to be happy, with their differences and imperfections.

For this, taking care of your face can help you for several reasons, but the three most important to me are:

  1. The skin is an organ and our first protection against external aggressions. It is important to preserve it.
  2. Having beautiful skin gives us confidence. In the evening, at work or on the street, it is noticeable.
  3. Having a facial is also a moment for yourself, to relax.