Reveal the natural beauty of your skin with the Glowing Skin subscription in Geneva!

Jan 10, 2024

Facial care

Welcome to Glowing Skin, your ultimate destination for an exceptional facial treatment in Geneva! Discover our Glowing Skin subscription plan, designed to give you radiant, healthy, glowing skin, while saving you money.

🌟 A 100% Personalized Facial Treatment, Every Month!

At Glowing Skin, we understand that every skin is unique. With our Glowing Skin subscription, enjoy a fully personalized facial treatment every month. Our team of dedicated experts will take the time to understand your skin's specific needs to create a tailor-made treatment that suits it perfectly.

🗓️ Invest in Your Skin, Invest in the Glowing Skin Subscription

Skin cells renew themselves approximately every 28 days. By doing one treatment per month, you treat each cell cycle, thus ensuring healthy and radiant skin. From the third appointment, you will notice a significant change in your skin with fewer imperfections, fewer wrinkles and increased luminosity.

👛 Save with the Glowing Skin Subscription!

The Glowing Skin subscription not only provides you with exceptional care, but it also allows you to make substantial savings. For only 135 CHF per month instead of 149 CHF, benefit from a 10% reduction on each session.

But the benefits don't stop there!

  • 📊 30-minute skin diagnosis offered during the first consultation and once a year.
  • 💸 Benefit from -15% on the purchase of all your products, in store and online.
  • 🎁 Receive your 13th treatment for free after 12 months of subscription.
  • 🏪 Priority access to our exclusive events with special time slot at 9 a.m. for our subscribers.
  • 🛂 Cancellation of subscription at any time without notice, for the end of a month.

🖱️ How to Subscribe to the Glowing Skin Subscription?

Nothing's easier ! You can subscribe to the subscription directly online on our website. Follow the link below and start your journey to glowing and healthy skin:

👉 Subscribe to the Glowing Skin Subscription

💆‍♀️ Don't wait any longer, take care of yourself today!

Don't wait until your skin cries out for attention. With Glowing Skin, start your personalized facial care ritual now and enjoy the exclusive benefits reserved for our subscribers. Join us in the quest for perfect skin and discover natural beauty that lasts over time.