Estime & Sens launches two new products: The Renaissance serum and mask

Jan 24, 2024

new esteem and meaning at glowing skin, the renaissance mask and serum

The skin, a reflection of our experience, tells its story in each line and in each texture. Estime & Sens, with its new Renaissance from its anti-aging range, writes an innovative chapter in the care of mature skin. Introducing a serum and mask designed to awaken natural radiance, these products are a promise of renewal and well-being.

Introduction to the Renaissance Range

The Renaissance serum and mask present themselves as two formulation gems, two commitments towards invigorated and radiant skin. The range promises not only to fight against the signs of aging but also to celebrate the maturity of the skin with high-performance and sensory treatments.

Renaissance Serum – The Essence of Vitality

Rennaissance Serum - Esteem and Sense - Glowing Skin

The serum, with its balanced pH of 4.3, is an invitation to the skin to renew itself. The bottle, sober and elegant, contains a precious essence to begin and end the day with a gesture of care and attention.

Key Assets and Their Actions

  • Melanopepfect Complex : An innovative trio for anti-stain and anti-sagging action.
  • AFO Fruit Acids : They provide gentle exfoliation for refined and renewed skin.
  • Vitamin E and organic sesame oil : An antioxidant duo for skin that is nourished and protected against environmental aggressions.


Effect and Result of the Serum

The transformation is palpable. The complexion, often dulled by stress and fatigue, regains luminosity and uniformity. Pigment spots fade, and the skin's texture is refined, leaving an impression of softness and suppleness.

Texture and Feel

Lightness is the key word. This serum stands out for its ability to penetrate quickly without leaving a greasy film, leaving the skin to breathe and prepare to receive other treatments or simply to rest.

Usage tips

In the morning, apply the serum after cleansing and before the day cream. In the evening, let it act alone for intense repair during sleep.

Product sheet

The Renaissance Mask – The Art of Exfoliation

Rebirth Mask - Esteem and Sense - Glowing Skin

The mask complements the serum with its dual exfoliating and nourishing action. The cream texture, rich and enveloping, is a real caress for the skin which craves comforting care.

Key Assets and Their Actions

  • AFO Complex : A radiance regained thanks to controlled exfoliation.
  • Organic Beech Bud : A key ingredient to revitalize and rejuvenate.
  • Alpha-Bisabolol : Soothing for the most sensitive skin.

Esteem and Sense - active rebirth mask

Effect and Result of the Mask

This mask reveals skin that seems to be reborn. After each use, there is a visible reduction in fine lines, more supple skin and a healthy-looking complexion.

Texture and Feel

The creamy cream provides a luxurious skincare experience, leaving skin soft and deeply hydrated.

Usage tips

A weekly application is enough to feel its benefits. Leave the mask on for deep action and rinse with lukewarm water to reveal a radiant complexion.

Product sheet

Conclusion and Overall Vision

Together, the Estime & Sens Renaissance serum and mask are more than just skincare products: they embody a philosophy of beauty where each age finds its most radiant expression. They don't just correct the signs of aging, they celebrate the maturity of the skin by inviting it to reinvent itself day after day.