Facial care – The morning ritual

Jan 2, 2023

Our skin is our first beauty capital. A beautiful skin is visible, it gives us confidence while allowing us to be able to sublimate ourselves with makeup when necessary. A ritual of 5 steps to have a good facial care is ideal. This routine, accompanied by adequate products, allows you to have beautiful and radiant skin.


The first step before anything else is cleansing the skin. The use of a facial cleanser is essential for this step. It is not enough to spray yourself with water in the morning, it is better to use a suitable and gentle product for this step. This will remove the sebum and any other dirt.


After cleansing, the skin should be smooth, clean and fresh. This is the time to apply a thin veil of hydration, which precedes the moisturizer. We recommend using a Toner, as it is a wonderful product to use. They are soothing and provide an extra layer of hydration to prep skin for makeup. It is essential to rebalance the PH of the skin.

To treat

Once the skin has been cleansed and toned, it's time to give the skin a serum. The choice of serum depends on the type and condition of the skin, as well as the objectives that one wants to achieve.


After the serum, apply the moisturizer to keep your skin balanced, hydrated and supple. It is important to consider a moisturizer that includes sun protection throughout the year.

eye cream

The last step of your facial treatment is to moisturize the delicate area under the eyes, in order to remove fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark circles and puffiness.