Our vision of Clean Beauty

It should be noted that the concept of Clean Beauty is not regulated or standardized by any government organization or regulatory body, and the terms are not defined universally.

Our vision of Clean Beauty is as follows:

Promoting safer, more natural and more environmentally friendly personal care products based on the idea that beauty products should be formulated with healthier, toxin-free and controversial ingredients.

Our products are selected for formulations that often avoid synthetic ingredients and controversial chemical preservatives, such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones and mineral oils.

We also emphasize sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, ethical production and transparency in manufacturing, testing and environmental impact.

We want to apply a holistic approach, respectful of our health and our environment.

Clean Beauty also includes the concept of Clean Business . Indeed, we want a "win-win" (or win-win) relationship. This American expression means that both parties benefit from the situation. We are committed to quality service with simple pricing and no surprises. There are no add-ons, options or any other price increases at the end.

The pricing of our products is in line with the brands, but we also try to control our alignment with the market. Every customer should pay a fair price and we don't want overpriced prices and then consistently offer discounts.

Regarding our appointments, we give flexibility to our clients to cancel their appointment one hour before the treatment, because life sometimes gives bad surprises. We are sure that our customers understand that a last minute cancellation costs us money.