Reveal the Magic of Your Eyes with Glowing Skin Eye Contour Solutions!

Apr 19, 2024
Glowing Skin - Eye contours

Beauty fans, fasten your seat belts!

Our latest Instagram reel reveals the essentials to energize your eye area. This very particular area of ​​our face, extremely thin and delicate, often reveals the first signs of fatigue or aging and therefore requires special treatment to remain radiant and full of youth.

Identify Your Problem and Choose the Right Product

Dermalogica - Biolumin-C Eye Serum

1. Pigmented Dark Circles

Problem: Tired of looking like a panda?
Solution: Vitamin C!
Featured Product: Biolumin-C Eye Serum from Dermalogica - a luminous boost to banish shadows under your eyes and brighten your eyes.

Comfort Zone - Hydramemory Eye Gel

2. Bags under the Eyes

Problem: Do bags make your face look tired?
Solution: Hydration and soothing!
Featured Product: Hydramemory Eye Gel from Comfort Zone - ideal for decongesting and revitalizing the eye area.

Yon-Ka - Phyto-Contour Eye Cream

3. Sensitivity and Irritation

Problem: Does your eye area often rebel?
Solution: Food and sweetness!
Featured Product: Phyto-Contour Eye Cream by Yon-Ka - a soothing balm for sensitive eyes.

Esteem and Sense - Youth Eye Contour Emulsion

4. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Problem: Are you concerned about the signs of the times?
Solution: Nutrition and youth!
Featured Product: Youth Eye Emulsion from Estime et Sens - for smooth and rejuvenated skin around the eyes.

Pro Application Technique for a Wow Effect!

Don't miss our latest Instagram reel to see how to apply these products like a pro. A simple massage with your thumb can transform the effectiveness of your treatment: start from the outside of the eye, slide towards the crease and go up along the eyebrow, repeat the gesture 3 to 5 times on each side and finish by smoothing the temple.

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