Why Choose Glowing Skin Facials?

1 comment Jan 30, 2023

When I decided to create Glowing Skin, my goal was to create the best non-invasive facial treatments available on the market. As a perfectionist and demanding, I spent 24 months researching to achieve this.

During my research, I realized that the most important element in a facial treatment is the Skin Therapist. She is the one who, in collaboration with you, determines the treatments and products best suited to your needs. At Glowing Skin, all of our Skin Therapists are certified and undergo continuous training to ensure they are familiar with the latest skincare techniques and product compositions.

The second crucial element is the quality of the products used. I chose each brand carefully, analyzing the products, meeting the CEOs and personally testing each product. These products are also used by my family and myself, which guarantees their quality.

Finally, I added additional options such as a cleaning brush and an ultrasonic spatula to further improve the effectiveness of our treatments. Other options are currently being analyzed to continue to improve our services.

When comparing facials of similar quality in Geneva, I found that they are usually priced between 200 and 250 CHF for 60 minutes, or even more if additional options are selected. My goal is to make quality care accessible to everyone by setting an affordable price. The price of our treatments is CHF 149.00 for 60 minutes and CHF 199.00 for 90 minutes, all options included.

Do not hesitate to come and try our treatments and let me know your impressions!